5 backyard design ideas

5 backyard design ideas to consider when building your backyard oasis. 

 Comfort and visual beauty, everyone is different and taste will very. Therefore you have to design you backyard oasis to your taste.  We can only help by offering ideas / concepts to consider when designing your backyard. 

  1. Build a pergola, a tiki hut, shade sail or outdoor canopy. In our opinion the most practical and longest lasting is a pergola but our taste and budgets differ so find what will make your oasis come true. Protection from the sun, rain and elements is critical to longevity of your outdoor toys and livelihood. Sun burns are never fun and cooking in the rain on a rusty barbecue isn\’t either.
  2. Invest is a quality outdoor kitchen, whether your cooking some ribs on the barbie, grabbing a cold soda from the fridge, or having fun making a pizza in your outdoor pizza oven, it’s the outdoor kitchen appliances that play a role in comfort and convenience for your outdoor oasis. Visit our friends at Marrinox Outdoor Kitchens for their line of quality products.
  3. Build a pool and bring resort life home. There is nothing better than taking a dip in your pool on a hot summer day. Selecting the perfect pool depends your available space and backyard style. Look online for pool style concepts. 
  4. What are you building on? Pavers, Concrete, pavement, clay bricks, travertine, flagstone, tile, sand, cut stone natural or artificial grass, so many options to choose from. Some surfaces are cool to the touch even on hot summer days. What is going to fit with your look, Consider all you options, search online for patio materials and design.
  5. Landscape design ideas are important not only to your visual likeness but also to increasing value to your home. Plants, trees, and grass are a priority when designing your backyard. Hire a professional landscaper or visit your local nursery for the many options available for the climate you live in. 

There you have it, backyard design ideas for your home. Feel free to leave a comment or contact us for you next pergola build.

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